[TF2] ZOMBIE ESCAPE Shoplift by Shelby

It’s One Way to Kill Time

Scavenge through to the heart of an abandoned mall where rumors of the military’s last evac site is said to be.
Take everything you can to outlast 3 MASSIVE chapters: The Parking Garage, The Hypermarket, and The Helicopter.

* New story to follow along with the campaign!
* 20 intense crescendos across 3 stages!
* Dozens of unique shops, stores, and attractions to visit!
* Horrifying fog for unique areas!
* Rare take on the urban city TF2 artstyle!

To play alone, be subscribed then copy and paste map workshop/1694418055 into your ingame console*

* this runs the level, not the gamemode.

Play Shoplift on the Beta Skial Zombie Escape server (direct NA server connect)

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