[TF2] Precipice by The Horse Strangler

It’s ya boi, once again: Yung Student Loan Debt with another map. This time for Team Fortress 2! I’ve been cooking this one for a while now and I’m extremely proud of the fact I’ve somehow managed to revive it and release it. Big thanks to @TanookiSuit3 making that resurrection possible! This is a “event” map, so the vanilla (non halloween themed) version is coming sometime in the future, but for all the details you can check out the pasted description down below.



Celebrate the spookiest month of the year: JULY! with pl_precipice.

1. Cliffs!
2. Spooky Ghosts!
3. Cauldrons containing spooky substances!
4. Pumpkin Bombs!
5. An unnerving fear and tension that at any moment you can DIE IN REAL LIFE!

Precipice is a single-stage Payload map that takes place in an abandoned mill built along the edge of a chasm.

Blu must push a cauldron-cart containing a concoction of unstable potion that casts random, deadly spells!

Red must stop blu from reaching the final point; a pool of souls! If blu manages to bring the potion catalyst to the pool of souls, well…. pretty spooky stuff is gonna happen that’s for sure!

Disclaimer: You won’t actually die in real life.









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