[TF2] Erebus by ICS

For Halloween 2020, heres Erebus. Ambush has been haunted and creepified. Welcome to your doom!

Features that the map has:

– 3-stage 2cp map, three rounds (or less)
– Unique theme based around dark scenery
– Ghosts that scare the life out of you
– Explosive pumpkin bombs
– Ghosts turn off lights within the map at indoor areas
– Burning lava falls
– Ghosts also drop spells that you can use to beat your opponents
– Portals to Hell, getting in is easy, getting out alive is not. Cap point and enter to Hell to fetch some special rare spells!
– Skeleton king and its ghost henchmen trying to take your life in Hell. Escape through portal!

Map by ICS,
Some models by Hakk1tus

Taking feedback and ideas, please vote and leave a comment if you have some. Thanks!

Map current name and version: cp_ambush_event_rc4







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