[CS:GO] cs_extortion by semyonc

This map is inspired by cs_militia and includes the ability to play hostage rescue mode. The main point on the map is the house captured by the terrorists. The building consists of two floors and includes many passages and rooms, but on the map you can see other, no less interesting and detailed buildings and places, such as a barn, a small garden near the house, a neighboring cottage, fences, and more. In addition to key buildings, one of the advantages of the map is a large amount of relevant vegetation and detailed backdrops. Buildings and natural content make the map quite detailed and complete, which affects not only the visual perception, but also the balance. Read more


[CS:GO] cs_cyberhive by R0B0C0P

Hostage Map / Arms Race Map

It’s the early 2010s and terrorists have seized an internet gaming cafe. The CTs must devise a way to save the hostages – there are many ways they can approach the building, but which way is the right one? Read more


[CS:GO] de_futurama_beta by wylde

Good news, everyone!

It’s the year 3021, and the Planet Express building is under attack by space terrorists. The terrorists want to disrupt our next delivery of missiles to Omicron Persei 8, who seek a quick end to their unsuccessful negotiations with Neutral Planet. Read more