[CS:GO] HideAndSeek – Actina by NetuserXIII

It took me over 1000 hours and almost one year to make this map.
You can find 80 secrets and 4 teleports on the map.

ACTINA is a brand is owned by ACTION S.A., present on the market since 1991. The company is headquartered in Poland near Warsaw. The Actina portfolio comprises best quality gaming equipment for the most demanding gamers. The first Actina computers were placed on the market already in 2001. It shows how much we value precision and an experienced team, who have been able to meet the challenge for years, so that the hardware we make for you is built perfectly, to the smallest detail. They are working with famous pepole like: PashaBiceps, Neo, Taz, Marcin Gortat and more. Actina deliver best possible computers on the market, with great price. You can get Actina coumputers here:


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