[TF2] Nocturne by ics

This is Nocturne, Halloween map made for Halloween (2022) for the game Team Fortress 2. Plan was to finish this up sooner but been too busy this year. Actually crunched a week now to get this done. Almost there…

So please go vote for it if you like it or dont like it. Thanks.

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Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Update Patch Notes (Happy Smissmas 2021) – Dec 3, 2021


[TF2] Undying Event by TanookiSuit3

(Undying Event now follows the regular control point format, instead of a hybrid capture the flag/control point mode)

It’s that time of the year again, so let’s get celebrating that spooky time of the year (perhaps a little early, again)!

Undying Event is a spooky control point map with two stages! It takes place within a peculiar mountainside operation. Blu must capture the control points inside the revival chambers to begin the process of bringing Dracula back to life.

Red has to stop Blu from reviving Dracula by capturing the revival chambers, and most importantly, make sure they don’t get anywhere near his spooky crypt!

Please make sure to take care of Dracula, he’s a little bit vulnerable at the moment.
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[TF2] Erebus by ICS

For Halloween 2020, heres Erebus. Ambush has been haunted and creepified. Welcome to your doom!

Features that the map has:

– 3-stage 2cp map, three rounds (or less)
– Unique theme based around dark scenery
– Ghosts that scare the life out of you
– Explosive pumpkin bombs
– Ghosts turn off lights within the map at indoor areas
– Burning lava falls
– Ghosts also drop spells that you can use to beat your opponents
– Portals to Hell, getting in is easy, getting out alive is not. Cap point and enter to Hell to fetch some special rare spells!
– Skeleton king and its ghost henchmen trying to take your life in Hell. Escape through portal!

Map by ICS,
Some models by Hakk1tus

Taking feedback and ideas, please vote and leave a comment if you have some. Thanks!

Map current name and version: cp_ambush_event_rc4

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[TF2] Midnight by ics

Midnight arises from the deep waters of underworld on friday the 13th!

Capture The Gallows of Sorrow, Despair, Agony, Misery and Pain to free the hanged souls! Fetch some spells through well portals on midnight! Battle each others in the underworld, or against a common foe untill gates open…

This project has been in the works behind the curtains for quite some time. We are very happy to finally show it to the public!

We will continue to make it even more gloomy and while we do that, we want your feedback! So please take a look, share your ideas and report bugs! Good ideas that will fit to the map and that we will use, shall be rewarded.

You can run this map by subscribing it and typing to console: map workshop/1861668959

You can also join this server and play it live! Type in console: connect or search community servers running cp_stranded_event_rc2

Original map designed by ICS
Halloween version by ICS & Hakk1tus
Custom Models by Hakk1tus
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[TF2] Precipice by The Horse Strangler

It’s ya boi, once again: Yung Student Loan Debt with another map. This time for Team Fortress 2! I’ve been cooking this one for a while now and I’m extremely proud of the fact I’ve somehow managed to revive it and release it. Big thanks to @TanookiSuit3 making that resurrection possible! This is a “event” map, so the vanilla (non halloween themed) version is coming sometime in the future, but for all the details you can check out the pasted description down below.



Celebrate the spookiest month of the year: JULY! with pl_precipice.

1. Cliffs!
2. Spooky Ghosts!
3. Cauldrons containing spooky substances!
4. Pumpkin Bombs!
5. An unnerving fear and tension that at any moment you can DIE IN REAL LIFE!

Precipice is a single-stage Payload map that takes place in an abandoned mill built along the edge of a chasm.

Blu must push a cauldron-cart containing a concoction of unstable potion that casts random, deadly spells!

Red must stop blu from reaching the final point; a pool of souls! If blu manages to bring the potion catalyst to the pool of souls, well…. pretty spooky stuff is gonna happen that’s for sure!

Disclaimer: You won’t actually die in real life.
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