[CS:GO] de_placetobe by Fredl

A small idyllic place surrounded by rocks and water. There is a house, a construction site, two cars, a huge garden, many props and distinct signs of population. But even the construction site is clean. Is it a dream location? Read more


[CS:GO] Nookdook [Mini Battle Royale] by Tili

Welcome to Nookdook – A mini battle royale (br_) map

You spawn with nothing other than your basic pistol and knife.
Look for equipment throughout the map. A better pistol will be nearby your spawn area.
Fight your opponents and be the last survivor!
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[CS:GO] Duel Arena Ancient by Creeborg


Universal arena map !
Plays on different gamemode: bomb plant, dm, flying scotsman, casual, arm race.
Also – try it for 1 vs 1 or different duels with your friends.
Or use it like your warmup map!
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