[CS:GO] Operation Greenhead 1.0 (Rush Of Infection) [Co-op] by Wasiu


The main goal is to find a two packages with a prototype cure for a disease that destroys humanity.
After completing the goal, you have to start the power generator which will provide power to the refueling station. That allow you to refuel the humvee vehicle and safely escape from the area.
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[CS:GO] Cappadocia – by Neptune [UPDATE 14-02-2020]

Hostage Rescue map set in Cappadocia Turkey.
2019-2020 Mapcore Exotic Mapping Contest
Special thanks for unique Mapcore and SE Discord Channel community for feedbacks and supports.
Special thanks for overlock machine announce dubbing: Buse Çinte Read more


[CS:GO] Humid by Nachosinko

This is Humid by Nacho

De_humid is a map set somewhere in the rain forests of South America. Action takes place in Alapec Research Center – an American research company that has decided to resume its activity. In the past they were accused of destroying the coast and they refused to tear down their buildings. Terrorists decided to tear it down themselves. Their aim is one of the two most important buildings of this Research Center. Fishers working nearby saw them and contacted the police. Read more