Battlefield 1 Players Are on the Hunt for Easter Eggs – Gamerant

Gamers discover unique Easter eggs in Battlefield 1 involving headphones on numerous multiplayer maps, and are hard at work decoding the mysteries hidden within the game.
One of the most notable features of past Battlefield games has been the unique Easter eggs DICE and Electronic Arts hide within the game. Gamers spend hours and days working together to unravel the mysteries the developers stow away within the Battlefield series, and use Reddit and social media to coordinate their efforts. Naturally, Battlefield 1 is no different. Read more

The Division Update 1.4 Patch Notes Released – Gamerant

Tomorrow Ubisoft is releasing update 1.4 for Tom Clancy’s The Division, broadly changing the third-person shooter’s balance to focus on end-game and progression.
The Division‘s 1.3 update, the premium Underground expansion, was a catalyst for significant change. In June, Underground was released, and in August The Division‘s next two premium DLC projects were delayed into late 2016 and 2017. The issues brought to light in Underground forced developer Ubisoft Massive to reconsider many decisions, which leads us to now. Tomorrow The Division will receive update 1.4, a massive retooling of the game from top to bottom. Read more

Battlefield 1 Guide: How to Unlock All Weapons

With Battlefield 1 releasing this week, gamers will be searching for the best weapons to use in the game. Here’s our guide to unlocking all weapons in Battlefield 1.
With the official launch of Battlefield 1 set for tomorrow, millions of gamers will jump into the World War I shooter to take on friends and strangers in brutal fashion. Like the games before it, Battlefield 1 offers a large arsenal of weapons for players to choose from, each with their own pros and cons. But in order to find a favorite, players will need to go through the process of unlocking each weapon, then purchasing the ones they want to use. Read more

Battlefield 1 Guide: How to Level Up Fast – Gamerant

With Battlefield 1‘s release imminent, learn how to level up all the different classes in the game’s online multiplayer mode as fast as possible with this guide.
Fans that picked up the Early Enlister edition of Battlefield 1 or are subscribed to EA Access are already battling it out in the game’s online multiplayer battlefields, but most people won’t have a chance to play until the game launches on the 21st. Gamers that pick up Battlefield 1 on its actual launch day will have some catching up to do, so we have compiled some tips to help players level up fast in DICE’s World War I shooter. Read more

Battlefield 1 Teases Two New Multiplayer Modes Including Hardcore – Gamerant / Reddit

Battlefield 1 fans discover a tease of two new multiplayer modes coming to the DICE and Electronic Arts first-person shooter, with one being a Hardcore mode.
Although the majority of Battlefield 1‘s maps and game modes have been revealed well ahead of tomorrow’s official launch for the title, it seems as if the developers at DICE and Electronic Arts have at least two more multiplayer modes in mind. Thanks to the attentiveness of several fans of the forthcoming Battlefield 1, the release’s server browser has divulged the addition of two game modes dubbed Fog of War and Hardcore. Read more