[CS:GO] De_Cypress Noodle King

| Welcome to Cypress |

Welcome to Cypress, the scene of a new biochemical research facility. The Cypress Research Corporation is currently paving over old heritage buildings to further expand their operations. This goes against the views of a local group of extremists who plan to stop their progress by blowing up key parts of the facility. Counter Terrorist squads have recieved intel on these terrorist’s plans and seek to stop them. Read more


[CS:GO] cs_housesiege by Hide|or|Escape

DESCRIPTION The house map from Rainbow Six Siege recreated for csgo. The map currently features: -Many breakable wooden barricades,hatches and walls -2 different spawn points for both T & CT (10 vs 10) -Fortifications for garage doors that can be activatedThe map is not suitable for bots. Its best played with players. I will try to make it look and feel like the original from R6S but also to make it suitable for CSGO