[CS:GO] Cs_Outferno BETA 1 by Serialmapper


A defuse map in a mediteraneean countryside setting. The theme is obviously inspired by de_inferno, however the layout belongs to one of my older maps, namely de_sultan2, to which i made important changes regarding the gameplay flow. Read more


[CS:GO] cs_housesiege by Hide|or|Escape

DESCRIPTION The house map from Rainbow Six Siege recreated for csgo. The map currently features: -Many breakable wooden barricades,hatches and walls -2 different spawn points for both T & CT (10 vs 10) -Fortifications for garage doors that can be activatedThe map is not suitable for bots. Its best played with players. I will try to make it look and feel like the original from R6S but also to make it suitable for CSGO