[CS:GO] De_Zen by Noodle King

| Welcome to Zen |

Welcome to Zen. Located in an isolated Japanese lake valley lies an array of ancient temples. A local terrorist cell plans to topple these iconic structures. A team of counter-terrorists have been sent to foil their plans. Zen’s compact but open design allows for a unique experience. No two engagements are the same, and the opposing team’s strategy will keep you guessing!

| About |

Zen is a bomb defusal map for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. It has been in development for approximately half a year. It brings several new things to the table, such as a compact design. Rarely used in bomb defusal maps, this design is balanced with a clever floorplan, preventing total chaos. Also, custom textures and decals have been utilized to give Zen a unique feel. The traditional Japanese architectural style used creates an atmospheric and beautiful environment.

| Donations |

Any donations are greatly appreciated, but completely optional!

| Notes |

-Be sure to give Zen a positive rating!
-Any comments or feedback is more than welcome in the comments section down below!
-I’ve had to write out descriptions after losing them after updates waaaay too many times. That’s why this description occassionally changes.
-Read the changelog to see what has been changed!
-Current version: 1.7

| Links |

The Original Alpha Submission
1v1 Plaza
Noodle King’s Official CSGO Map Collection
Noodle Kings Official Unturned Map Collection

| Credits |

Map Creation:
Created By: Noodle King

Prop Conversion: τhe ЯαZZeR Δρρ ✩
Playtesting: Turbofluff, ChL
Navmesh: Meurglis3
Showcase Video: Zyrex

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