[CS:GO] De_Alexandria by Noodle King

| Welcome to Alexandria |

Alexandria, Egypt. Unit 777 has just commenced a massive raid on a locally run terroist cell. The terrorists cannot afford to let the intel gathered from inside their compound be examined and decrypted. The nuclear option is the only one left for the terrorists. They plan to rush back into their compound, and destroy everything they can before Unit 777 an get their hands on it.

| About |

Alexandria is a bomb defusal mission for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. It offers players plenty of options to attack and defend, in a very balanced layout. Combined with bright and detailed aesthetics, Alexandria provides a fun experience for both sides, and a new scenario every round.

| Notes |

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| Check Out My Unturned Maps |

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| Credits |

Map Creation: The Noodle King (A.K.A Mrnoodle01)
Playtesting: Turbofluff (My Favorite Silver)

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