[CS:GO] De_Blast by UNREA1


Ever wondered what’s below the good old ancient Dust I bombsite? Find it yourself, I grabbed my shovel and _Hammer_ and took my time to dig it up and now you can check it out yourself! C:

Background Story

The terrorists have done it again! After 7,326,231,523 rounds of Dust I played, finally its secrets have been exposed. They’ll now make their way to achieve the final goal of blowing an hidden underground base beneath the sands of Dust.

About the level
The map features all characteristics of default maps with full compile lighting, including ambient sounds, cubemaps, particle effects and overall good detail. I really took my time to make this map look convincing and credible enough paying close attention to making sort of a lore behind it, to make sure it doesn’t look just like an hole in Dust I. For this reason I chose to go with a simple map concept, inspired on a map some might know called hallofdeath, rather than a big map that I fell wouldn’t quite do justice to the contest theme.

In this map the Israel Defense Forces fight the LEET crew to prevent them from blowing up the base. For this the terrorists must first blow up 2 giant metal doors, doing so will also open up a different route for them through the vents system. The Counter-Terrorists can also open the doors themselves if they wish. There’s also room for tatical play and sneaking different spots which makes for more interesting gameplay. The map doesn’t have to be played as a run and shoot or AWP fest, you can also throw flashbangs, smokegrenades over the huge fans at top and other things are possible to make the rounds fun and challenging. I decided not to be restrictive on the reaching certain spots, the map is not meant to be played on a competitive level, it was designed to be a casual map to play with friends, so this will only contribute to more fun and give it some learning curve.

Hope you like it, Have fun! **<3**


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