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[CS:GO] Surf Galaxy by JorisCeoen

Surf Galaxy

This is my contest entry in the CS:GO Combat Surf Mapping Contest. Surf galaxy aims to innovate the overall genre a little bit by trying out multiple layers in between the base ones, including some dynamic elements which is almost never seen in other maps, and giving it some thematic material that could fit in the surf world.

There are many things left to do, all of which will most likely not make the final version for this contest due to time restraints. Some include adding overall more detail, a bit more difference between the huge centrifuge ramp and the rest of the map, adding easter eggs and probably some bugs after I get feedback.

If you have any suggestions, tips… let me know, all are very welcome!

A HUGE thanks to Shawn Olson, for the Wall Worm Model Tools!

In the mean time,

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